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Scoping review of patient- and family-oriented outcomes and measures for chronic pediatric disease

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BACKGROUND: Improvements in health care for children with chronic diseases must be informed by research that emphasizes outcomes of importance to patients and families. To support a program of research in the field of rare inborn errors of metabolism (IEM), we conducted a broad scoping review of primary studies that: (i) focused on chronic pediatric diseases similar to IEM in etiology or manifestations and in complexity of management; (ii) reported patient- and/or family-oriented outcomes; and (iii) measured these outcomes using self-administered tools. METHODS: We developed a comprehensive review protocol and implemented an electronic search strategy to identify relevant citations in Medline, EMBASE, DARE and Cochrane. Two reviewers applied pre-specified criteria to titles/abstracts using a liberal accelerated approach. Articles eligible for full-text review were screened by two independent reviewers with discrepancies resolved by consensus. One researcher abstracted data on study characteristics, patient- and family-oriented outcomes, and self-administered measures. Data were validated by a second researcher. RESULTS: 4,118 citations were screened with 304 articles included. Across all included reports, the most-represented diseases were diabetes (35%), cerebral palsy (23%) and epilepsy (18%). We identified 43 unique patient- and family-oriented outcomes from among five emergent domains, with mental health outcomes appearing most frequently. The studies reported the use of 405 independent self-administered measures of these outcomes. CONCLUSIONS: Patient- and family-oriented research investigating chronic pediatric diseases emphasizes mental health and appears to be relatively well-developed in the diabetes literature. Future research can build on this foundation while identifying additional outcomes that are priorities for patients and families.

Khangura, S. D. Karaceper, M. D. Trakadis, Y. Mitchell, J. J. Chakraborty, P. Tingley, K. Coyle, D. Grosse, S. D. Kronick, J. B. Laberge, A. M. Little, J. Prasad, C. Sikora, L. Siriwardena, K. Sparkes, R. Speechley, K. N. Stockler, S. Wilson, B. J. Wilson, K. Zayed, R. Potter, B. K. Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research, Network


BMC Pediatr
7 -
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Child health

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Chronic pediatric disease

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Systematic review of outcomes measured in trials

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