Downloadable slide set

The COMET Initiative has developed a downloadable PowerPoint slide set for users to view, or download and use. This downloadable slide set highlights why we need a more scientific approach to outcomes, introduces the idea of core outcome sets, and outlines the COMET Initiative.

We do ask that users acknowledge the COMET Initiative and the COMET Initiative Management Group when using these slides.

To view or download these slides:

  • 1. To download the PowerPoint® slides, right click on the link for the slide and select the "Save Link" or "Save Target" option.
  • 2. To view as a slide presentation, open the saved file in PowerPoint®, select “View” and then “Slide Show”. To copy/paste a slide into your presentation, use the "Insert Slides from Files" command within PowerPoint® to insert the slide into your presentation.

Downloadable slide set (3 Mb)